Friday, May 14, 2010

Long Awaited Skelly Update

I know I've been slacking and you all have been very patient. It's not that there isn't a lot going on with Skelly, it's just that there's sooo much going on elsewhere, that I haven't had a chance to update.

I've been completely slammed with work... trying to market Florida Law Tools as well as First in Print's new line of products. It's costly, it's time consuming and I'm really hoping it will start paying off soon!

So what's new? (these photos are from his last vet visit by the way)

I finally bought a carpet shampooer! Best investment ever. In fact, we used it and then accidentally broke it... then took it back and exchanged it for a new one... The new one has yet to be taken out of the box and assembled! So busy!!!

Skelly has been doing well, but sometimes he worries me. It seems like he is getting more prone to coughing / dry heaving. He got a good checkup at the vet last time... but he is definitely acting sick. He does have heartworm afterall. I suppose it's normal for him to exhibit some symptoms...

He discovered the wonderful world of beds. Any time somebody leaves their bedroom door open, you can bet that Skelly will find the bed and commence chilling out on it for as long as he can get away with it.

When you walk in and catch him on your bed... he stretches out and tries to act all cute so you don't boot him off... I'll have to get you a video!

Speaking of videos... my friend had to take his camera back... so I'm going to have to wait until he lets me use it again to capture some of the stuff I've shot. I do have other footage and I really owe you nice folks a video!

Skelly is a big fan of the couch as well. Our couches are not fancy, but they are not yet destroyed either... we'd like to keep them intact for as long as possible, so we try and keep him off.

Perhaps I will look into getting him a dog bed or something so he can chill out in the living room without getting bummed out when we ban him from the couch.

Mood swings! Man, this dog is moody.. at least it appears that way. He will often times slink off into the dark hallway and just chill out by himself. Sometimes he's afraid to come inside. Sometimes he is afraid (reluctant) to go outside.

A sudden loud noise will leave him shaken for hours. Of course a dog biscuit or a walk around the neighborhood is sure to lift his spirits every time.

He's going to the vet again next week. Let's hope that his blood looks good! I think they are either going to neuter him or administer the heartworm preventative again. *gulp!*

The preventative is what caused that HUGE SCARY reaction last time. It seems logical that it wouldn't be as bad this time, but it seems like there has been plenty of time for the adult worms to reproduce... His blood may be teaming with microscopic vermin for all we know.

Anyways, they are going to administer the preventative at their office this time... so we know he'll get the best care possible.


  1. Thanks for the update - it sounds like a lot is going on with Skelly as far as his nerves. He must still have bad memories from before he came to live with you. Hopefully he will become better with loud noises and won't be so fearful in general (with the inside and going out sometimes scaring him it is odd - I would think it would be one or the other). WE are sending him lots of purrs and prayers so he is doing good and if they do the preventative again be sure to let us all know so he can have lots of good postive energy coming his way (and for the neutering too of course).

  2. Hi

    Oh Skelly!! Thanks for the update - glad to see these sweet pics of him and for all the info about him. Glad he found the couch and bed! LOL!

    This heartworm is really worrying! I hope hope hope that the preventative measures this time won't produce that first reaction he had - that was really scary!

    Good luck at the vets - and I do hope too that his coughing and dry heaving will soon pass. Big hugs to Skelly!

    take care

  3. Welcome back, Skelly! I've missed you!

    I'm glad to hear he's doing ok. Hopefully that whole coughing/dry heave thing will clear up real soon.

    My dogs don't get on the couch unless I'm on it but they LOVE my bed. There's a certain chair my kitty claimed as his when he was alive and now my smaller chi likes to snooze there too.

    Hope all goes well at the vet's next week. Will continue to keep Skells in my prayers.

  4. I love the pictures of him. He looks so happy. :)

  5. Of course Skelly needs his own bed! Do you costco? One can usually find a good one there for $20 and if money is too tight, go to thrift store(s) and scope out old chair or couch for the cushions! Those will work just ducky.What ever you get for him , make a big fuss about how it is his special place to chill.
    Makes a big difference for the dog, knowing it is "all his". I am so sad to hear he is still afraid of in and out but who knows what kind of hell he has been through. At least you are sticking with him and that is what counts at this point, consistent love and to get him over the heartworm and neutered, he will be a different dog once that is behind him. Take care, luv ya skelly, and xoxo for Mel and Wes

  6. Paws khrossed fur it all to go well...

    As fur sleeping on the bed, he's earned it ;-)


  7. He's such a cute little bad boy :)
    I hope they can get his treatments all over with soon! As you know (cough, cough) I'm anxiously awaiting the video :)

    Love Mom

  8. Jack has his own bed too - but there is very little sleeping involved with it! :)

  9. Skelly we are rooting for you. Hope the heartworm preventive goes well this time.

    Paws crossed you get your own bed. Fenris had one but he kept eating it. If you get a bed don't eat it, it annoys the beans.


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