Monday, May 17, 2010

Guest Post: Pit Bulls - Secretly giant Chihuahuas?

Guest post by Wes’s Mom :

Once upon a time there was a woman who bought a new house. Unbeknownst to her at the time, a litter of kittens (and their teenage mother) were left behind. The 2 cutest kittens were adopted by her friends. Being an animal lover, she just fed the 2 remaining kittens. She’s been feeding them for about 8 months now. Calls them her “outside cats’ but does not claim to own them.

Yesterday, she discovered that the kitten of the “original” teen mother had 4 kittens on her front porch.

They are now about 3 or 4 weeks old.

Some how, someone who thought they were doing a “good thing” by feeding 2 stray cats…has now gone from 2 stray cats (living on her doorstep) to 6 homeless cats, now living on her door step.

In every part of the country, there ARE spay and neuter options, EVEN for strays. Usually for free!

Please check into it. Even if you can catch a feral cat in a trap, there are rescue programs that will spay and neuter them and release them (either back where they came from, or into a safer environment) with NO cost to you.

You may think you’re doing them a favor by feeding them, and of course that IS helping... But 2 kittens (or puppies ) can soon become 10 .

Spaying and neutering is essential, even (maybe more so) for strays.

Whatever town or county you live in, Google animal rescue, low cost or free spay and neuter….ect….the help IS out there.

I just watched a show about ex cons training pit bulls. This guy was training a 3 legged pit bull, and they had a rescue team go capture a pit in some huge park. Here is what I noticed.

I am afraid of dogs (well, BIG dogs… ever since that rottweiler randomly attacked me)
But I am not phobic-ly terrified of dogs, which my 72 year old friend IS.

I did not know this about her, until we just went to my sister’s house.

Come back… I’m not done yet!

Anyhow, just watching this show about the pitbulls, I remembered/realized why I am horrified of other dogs, yet NOT pitbulls.

Our pits never barked and rushed at people when they were in the house. My sisters Belgian Malinois and her min pin bark and come at you the second you come in the house.

Our pits never barked at people IN the house. If they were loose in the yard, or in the car, oh yeah, they would bark their heads off. If they were in the house…. you could break the door down and they would be lounging on the couch and not be bothered to get up. (unless you had some donuts)

Our baby, Grull, would stick her nose under peoples elbow and “grunt.” She just wanted them to pet and admire her. They often mistook her grunting for growling.

Now that I think back, how could anyone be scared of a dog that didn’t even bark at them?

I know that you all love Skeletor, and so do I!!! Even though I’ve never met him in person , he is totally my grand dog.

I hope and pray that he will become a perfectly healthy, happy boy for the rest of his life.
He is a special little soul.

Here's how we became pitbull lovers.

Please continue to spread the word about Skeletor and other dogs like him, and please spay and neuter.

P.s. 6 cats/kittens now up for adoption in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Let me know if you want pics.


  1. Hear! hear!

    Thank you for this post Wes's mum!

    We hope the kitties find new forever homes and that the kitty mums and dads neutered and spayed.

    And Skelly is a fab and wonderful ambassador for all pit bull type doggies - they are sweet gentle creatures if and when handled properly by their human friends.

    Take care

  2. What a wonderful story! You helped me have a happy day!

  3. I love the title of this post because I have two little chihuahuas.

  4. Ha - see they can't be chihuahuas because the ones I knew would totally bark at you when you came in the house! But I get the dog thing - I love dogs but they can make me nervous when they are all crazy when you first come in.

    And that is very important about the spay/neuter thing. We are adopting two kittens (from Ft. Worth actually) and their mom was a feral/stray who wasn't spayed - we are all for TNR (Trap Neuter Release) if there isn't a good home for a feral we can at least try to help them not have more kittens to take care of!


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