Monday, May 24, 2010

Another vet visit this week

Thanks to my mom for the guest post. I told her how busy I was and she wrote me a guest post to help keep everybody from falling asleep at their keyboards.

So this week is another visit to the vet for Skelly. I'm happy to announce that he has been doing quite well! (all things considered)

He's finally starting to eat plain old boring dry food. We had him well spoiled during the rapid weight gain phase! He's been very adamant about tearing things to shreds. He's outgrowing some of the smaller toys and moving on to bigger better items to destroy.

I think his destructive power is a measure of his overall health and vigor. So while my first inclination when he does something like ingest half of both my racquetball gloves is to get angry, I can't help but smile and be grateful for his well-being.

Skelly has gotten pretty good with his basic dog tricks. Sit, stay, and paw. He is still working on the others... heel, lay down, don't eat my belt, no begging, no pulling, don't eat my shoes, stay off the couch, no fellating yourself in the house, stay off my bed, no drinking out of the toilet, etc.

We're hoping for good news at the vet. I think that if his blood is looking good, we'll be done with prednizone weening and ready for his next phase of treatment.

That will likely be one of two things: Beginning the actual heartworm treatment or having him neutered.

We've made it this far without neutering, so I'm thinking the heartworm treatment will be the best thing. His being intact isn't really causing too many problems. If we get him neutered, it could push his heartworm treatment back by a month? maybe longer?

I think the longer we wait before he gets another dose of the preventative, the worse the reaction will be.

Stay tuned! We will probably take him to see Dr. Fish on Wednesday.


  1. And yet he looks so sweet and innocent :)

    I Luff him!!!

    Yep ,I think the heart worm treatment should be the priority .I can't imagine how you will keep him still for a couple months.I'd like to hear the vets advice about that.

    Love Mom

  2. Wow - Skelly, how did you manage to ignore that cat right behind you?!?!?
    Slobbers teal'c

  3. Will be crossing all fingers and toes and hoping Wednesday's visit is nothing by positive news!

    (mouth breather, lol. funny!)

  4. Skelly - you are looking so frisky and strong! I like how you ignore the kitty and your girlfriend! LOL!

    You are one handsome doggie. Good luck with the heartworm treatment! I have everything crossed for you for Wednesday's vet visit!

    Take care

  5. Skelly reminds me of my dad's beagle, so full of energy and just wanting to play all the time. Oh, and the destructive part too! His beagle is most definitely destructive!!!

    Keeping my fingers crossed all goes well with the heartworm treatment this time.

  6. Aw, Skelly is so funny - and I think you are right about it being a way to measure how he is doing, because it must take a lot of energy to destroy stuff! We hope that things go well at the next vet and that the heartworm treatment is the next step (and that is all goes well of course!)


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