Friday, June 10, 2011

Skelly is adjusting nicely to his new home!

Well, we no longer have a fenced back yard, but we're making it work! We live in a smaller neighborhood that's more centrally located in Jacksonville. Skelly is slowly getting better about calming down so I can put his collar on to go outside.

He really loves his "number two" walks around the neighborhood. He has been doing a great job at obedience training every Thursday.

Skeletor isn't a huge fan of the hardwood floors, but he doesn't mind so much as long as he's got his ole comfy bed and a sun-filled skylight...


  1. It is very heartwarming to see what a beautiful & healthy dog he is now! Loved the video; he is adorable!!

  2. Skelly!! Beautiful Skelly!! He is truly looking magnificent!! Awww he's adorable!! And he loves his bed!! What a sweetheart!! Go Skelly!! Take care

  3. I can't believe how great he's looking now. I still remember when you first met him.

  4. I think Skelly is the definition of Lucky Dog! He looks gorgeous. I wish I could reach out and hug him myself!

    The new digs are beautiful. I think Skelly has it made with the skylight!

  5. We haven't visited you for a while ~ but we are so happy to see Skelly healthy and loved and happy in his new home. You are wonderful people to care for him so well. Thank you.


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