Friday, May 20, 2011

Blast from the past

I was just bored looking around on youtube, and watched this relic...

It's amazing how far he's come. Funny how his bark used to be so high pitched...
He's got an echocardiogram coming up in July. We'll see exactly how his heart and lungs are recovering from those nasty parasites!

I expect that the news will be good! The other day, I took the boy for a walk and he insisted that we run instead! He's doing fantastically!

Another bit of good news.. he's officially (and hopefully permanently) off of the enalapril. I believe that was his blood pressure medication. The cardiologist suggested that he discontinue taking it 2 months after his treatment.

He's nearly completely weened off the prednisone as well. So far, he's still taking the vetmedin, and would be taking viagra if we had any.

Hopefully one day soon, all he will require is food, water, and love!


  1. Wonderful Skelly's come a long, long, long way!!! Yay for Skelly and yay for you all who took him into your home and hearts!! Go Skelly!! Take care

  2. I remember this video! I was just looking at my Skelly shirt the other day, thinking I haven't worn it lately. Gotta do that.


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