Monday, April 4, 2011

Followup visit to the vet, springtime walks

Melanie took Skelly to the vet on Friday. He has been doing his share of coughing in the mornings, but aside from that he's been doing very well!  Dr. Chick said that his heart sounded good. I bought him another bottle of Vetmedin.

I was hoping that Dr. Chick would let us take him off Prednisone, but he didn't mention anything about it. I heard that it's hard on a dog's liver (or was it kidneys?)... anyways I'll ask him about it when I speak to him next.

Skeletor's gums are a nice and rich pink, which indicates that he's not anemic.  His appetite for food and destruction is nice and healthy. :)

Dr. Chick said to keep his walks to a minimum. Skeletor insists that we keep them to a maximum! We'll have to find a happy medium.

He's scheduled for a checkup in about 3 months. I've got to drop by and pick up his heartworm preventative today or tomorrow.

This whopper of a pooch weighed in at nearly 67 lbs on Friday! I think he's been sneakin many bites of delicious cat food! I believe that 65 is an ideal weight for him... we're going to try and keep him around there.

We'll be moving across town soon... about 2 months to go. Mel and I are nervous about landlords and breed specific prejudice. I have asked Dr. Chick to write a letter of reference for Skelly. Just something explaining that he's got his shots and has not shown any people or animal related agression.

Skeletor doesn't know it yet, but I'm planning on taking him for a walk today during my lunch break.


  1. Skelly looks wonderful!! Enjoy your walk today :)

  2. Oh Skelly!! He is looking amazing - yay!! I hope your new landlord/lady will take kindly to Skelly - he is such a sweetheart!!!! Good luck!!! Take care

  3. Oh he knew about the walk. He was just going to pretend like you were going to surprise him :)

  4. Ha ha ,skelly looks allmost chubby :)

    When's he getting neutered? Will they keep him awake or put him to sleep for that?

    Love Skelly's garndma :)

  5. Haven't been by in awhile since I'm so busy with school. Just wanted to say hello and that I've missed Skells.

    Well, he may be 2 pounds over his ideal weight but it's considerably better than what he weighed when you first got him.


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