Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Breed Specific Rules for Renters

We're going to be moving across town in about 2 months. We have started looking around at places to rent. We are getting more and more nervous about finding a place that will even consider allowing a pit bull like Skeletor.

It looks like we've got a lot of homework to do.

I'm wondering if it would help if I were able to get renter's insurance before moving or not.
I'm wondering if I could even get renter's insurance with him.
I'm wondering if there's another breed that Skelly looks like that I can tell prospective landlords he is.
I'm wondering if there's a waiver I can sign that makes him my responsibility and not the apartment complex.

Ugh... as if moving isn't a big enough ball of stress as it is :(

It's so very silly... this dog is the biggest pansy on the planet! A 2 minute interview and anybody would see that he's a complete softy!

Not a single sign of human or dog agression in over a year... seems pretty conclusive to me!

Poor pitties... lousy dog racism!

The notorious Skeletor!


  1. You can get letters of reference for Skelly from your vet. I would include his story. Look for rentals that do allow pets, and find out then if they have breed restrictions in writing. There are insurance companies that will insure you for your dog. Not sure how it works though.
    This link might help in locating a rental:

    Good luck!

  2. Try just referring to him as a mixed breed?

  3. Check with the local Pit Bull rescues in the area. Often they know the housing market for rentals and the insurance companies that will insure homes with 'bully' breeds. I know that they have that info in my area (VA)

  4. You might also get a reference from your current landlord. Mentioning your dog has not created any issues and was a fine tenant :) All the best!

  5. Since he is a rescue you don't KNOW what breed he is. I have a black lab X - she is black!! :D Funny tho, cause she looks very similar to a pittie! Insurance especially - don't say pit bull...that has been my experience.

  6. I hope you find some place. The place we take our dogs when we go on vacation, has a list of breeds that they won't take.

  7. Have you looked at renting a house?

  8. Okay, under no circumstances would I lie about Skelly's breed. That could be grounds for eviction. You can say he's a mixed breed but that's as far as I would take it. I'd also offer to let your prospective landlord meet him if they seem open to it. I have a feeling Skelly himself would do a better job of tearing down any reservations than letters of reference (although I'd definitely get those, too, from your current landlord and your vet).

    As far as insurance, State Farm doesn't discriminate on breed.

    You're right. This absolutely SUCKS and it's not fair. We own our home but I worry all the time that if something happened and we had to rent, how difficult it would be to do.

    Good luck!

  9. I don;t know about US rental regulations regarding pets - but I do know that I had a very difficult time finding rented accomodation when I needed a place asap for me and my three very old cats here in the UK! But find one I did!! These lovely and understanding landlords/ladies are out there - I hope so anyway - but it did take me a lot of phone calls and networking to weed them out!

    I think glowing references from your vet etc as suggested here may help? I guess any sort of official paperwork that shows Skelly in a good light may help? GOOD LUCK!!!!!

    Take care

  10. Good luck! I guess I should be especially glad that #1 I own my own home so I can get whatever breed of dog I want and #2, even if I did rent, most people aren't too concerned with chihuahuas so I wouldn't have to worry about facing that kind of discrimination.

  11. Fingers crossed. My take: Be honest and forthright, prepare (vet refs, show them this blog, etc.) and look everywhere. The right home is out there and you don't need to be looking over your shoulder on half truths. You and Skelly deserve the best.

  12. It might be hard to find a place, but it shouldn't be impossible. Weight limit may hinder you more than breed! Also, rentals that are managed by owners may be more flexible. Craigslist is an especially good place to look for places, if you haven't looked there already(just be careful about scammers--they like to take existing rentals and put up the place for a much lower price). Maybe try to get a real estate agent to work with you? I'm honestly now sure if you have to pay them, or since they get a commission for renting a home, you don't have to.

  13. I always say my pit is a every time :)


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