Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Can your sanity (or complete lack thereof) be measured by the nicknames you have for your pet?

I remember when I first took Skeletor to dog training and Michael asked me my dog's name. I told him it was Skeletor, and he asked if he had a nickname (something with fewer syllables.) Melanie and I looked at each other and shrugged. We hardly ever call him Skelly in person, even though we use the name online quite often.

Thinking back on that conversation, I realized that I have many, many weird names I call him on a nearly constant basis. I don't use these names when I'm actually calling him mind you, but I say them enough that I'm sure he'd answer to just about any one. (I may have to test that theory)

So, without further ado, the many ridiculous nicknames of Skeletor. If you need me, I'll be getting settled into my straight jacket...

  • Mr. Dog - the most popular by far. I can exactly pinpoint the origin of this nickname. It was when I was 10 years old. My stepdad's friend was visiting. He had a son who was a few years older than me. I remember being taken aback with how juvenile it sounded when the boy referred to a tomcat in our yard as "Mr. Cat." I referred to Insano as Mr. Cat for most of his life, and now Skeletor has become Mr. Dog. 
  • Old Man - He's not really that old.. a young adult or a teenager really. However, his droopy pooch face makes him look like a grandpa. 
  • Pup / Pooch - These ones are pretty standard issue...
  • You Turd - A term of endearment that kinda means the same thing as you brat. I let it slip out on Melanie once and found out that she doesn't appreciate it one bit. 
  • Doggy! - Another popular one. I'm pretty sure this has evolved from the show South Park when Cartman yells "no kitty! that's a bad kitty!"
  • Doggo - This is actually a nickname I created for Sophie when she lived with us. I got a huge kick out of it when she started responding to "Doggo" - her owner Kim, wasn't quite as amused :) Since Sophie isn't around, Skeletor sometimes gets referred to as Doggo. 
  • Buddy / Bud - When he's being good or acting pathetic, he'll get one of these praise-infused nicknames
  • Senior - The origin here... it's kind of a cross between Mr. Dog and Old Man.
  • Mister - Short for Mr. Dog. He gets this a lot when he's misbehaving... ahem... jumping on the couch or bed for example. 
  • Hound - When I was in high school, I thought this word was funny for some unknown reason. Probably for the same reason I think a lot of words of German origin are funny. 
  • Houndo - A cross between Doggo and Hound

So as you can see, I'm a crazy person. Post your bizarre pet nicknames in the comments so we can go to the nut house together!


  1. For the three dogs in my life: Roxy is The Rox, The Roxster, Diva and PIA (Pain in the ass); Jordan is Jordie, Jordski, Jordikins, you dog and PIA; Zach is Zachy Mac, the Zachster and PIA. PIA is very popular around here.

  2. I don't think those are all that crazy. Odie, being around for almost 14 years now, has acquired quite a few himself. Most are just variations of his name.

    Like Skeletor, Odie is also a Turd and Old Man!

    -Commodie (a combination of Odie and toilet for when he does his business inside)
    -Geezer and Geezie
    -Ode/Odes/Odder/Odezie (not too interesting)
    -Oudini (for when he does magic disappearing and reappearing tricks)

    I think that is most of them! It is pretty funny all of the nicknames that one pup can accumulate.

  3. Sign me up . :)

    O'Reillys main nickname is Booger ,but the way I say it is mocked by my husband and other people think I am saying "booker"

    His other nicknames are " Bunny " or "the bunny" because he lays on his back with his feet curled up like a bunny.

    Then we have "The puker" ,obviously due to his regurgitation hobby.

    This is sometimes prefaced by "YOUR boy" as in " Look what YOUR boy did" when he pukes he's always someone ELSES boy.

    There's also "weirdo" and "knucklehead"

    And of course there's "Mama's little booger "

    Cavuto's main nickname is "baby" or "the baby" because he was a little tiny baby (who knew he would turn into a giant?) Age wise though, he's still the BABY.

    He also has "mama's baby" and that "good baby" (when he's shaking hands) and "Dummy" "knucklead" ,"ahhnold" (when he stretches out on the counter,he poses like Arnold Schwartznig???)

    And when he wakes me up at the crack of dawn by pawing me in the face, clawing me in the mouth ,knocking things off my nightstand he has "You bad boy!"

    O' Rielly has that one too sometimes, like when he beats up the "baby" :)

    Love Mom ,get us adjoining rooms at the nuthouse

  4. Jack is sometimes called Piss-head, but only when he stops listening to me!

  5. My dogs names are Shiver and Chico.

    Shiver -

    Chico -
    Sweet Cheeks
    Cheeker Cheeks
    Chico McCheekerson

    I could go on and on but I think I've embarrassed myself enough. lol

  6. Yeah I have some crazy ones too... such as kookoo pig. I mean it with all endearment too! And Baughtii... it evolved from buddy!!

  7. All Pit Bulls except 1- All rescued except 1:

    Blanca: Blancita; Moma's Pretty Pittie Girl; Mama's #1 Girl

    Sable: Sabe Sabe; Moma's Pretty Pittie Girl; Moma's #2 Girl

    Precious (Cattle Mix): My Moma; Cujo (this has entire story behind it); Sweetheart;

    George: Mr. Man; My Man; StudMuffin, My Heart; BigBoy; My #1; Angel Baby; Mi Dulce Nino;

    When do we leave for the nut house?

  8. I posted about this in my blog as well when I realized that I was called Macho, "Poops". Where did that come from?

    The other ones I have are:
    - Macho Poochu (like Machu Picchu)
    - Pup/Pooch
    - Poops/Pooper
    - Pooch-a-loop
    - Poochie Pie
    - Goofy Pooch
    - And my favorite- Macho Man (like the song!)


  9. My two year old , fawn, American Bulldog, Juno is:
    Junie Bear
    Turd Bird
    Shit Bird
    Sweet Potato
    Baby Bear
    of course, never Juno.


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