Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Suddenly those tasty acorns have taken on a sinister persona

A while back, our pal Skeletor had a very, very upset stomach.
We were quite worried when he puked for um... 12 hours straight.

Though we never found out exactly what the little guy had gotten into, we had certainly considered that it could have been from ingesting acorns.

We have a plethora of acorns outside our house. Skelly has been know to snack on them when nobody's looking. I read that acorns are no good for doggies.

About a month ago, we started noticing some noise coming from the back porch area. Melanie pointed out that it was getting worse. At first, I thought it was squirrels running around on the roof. But then I thought to myself... how do squirrels get worse? 

Then it dawned on me... those acorns! The giant trees were dropping them like they were bad habits. The colder it gets, the more frequently they hurl them suckers downward. 

Sadly we have not done much handing out on the back porch, and it's the perfect weather to do so! Melanie's been really busy going to school online to get her master's degree. I've been working my face off trying to rule the world. 

Today, I decided to take a break and get some fresh air. I let my pal, Skeletor tag along. We were only out there for a few seconds when an acorn smashed into the roof. This really scared the crap out of poor Skeletor. It scared him so bad, he lost his footing on the tile floor. After that he was not too interested in the fresh air, so I let him back inside. 

Hours later, I decided to snap a few photos of him in his nifty pink bandana. (I bought the pink bandana for "Race for the Cure" which Mel and I participated in last week.)

Wouldn't you know it, this vicious pit bull is still shaken up from the acorn incident! Oh, the poor little guy! Here's a video


  1. Awwwwwww Skelly!!! You poor doggy!! Bad acorns! Awww you eat your biscuit now and forget all about these bad acorns. And please don't eat any more acorns too! LOL!! And don't you just look DASHING in your pink bandana?!?! You handsome, handsome boy!!!

    Take care

  2. Poor guy. But I love the bandanna!

  3. Poor Skells! My Shiver is afraid of pretty much everything. That's how he got his name - he Shivers a lot when he's scared. When I first got him, he shivered all the way home.

  4. He looks so shinny and fantastic. What a handsome boy. It's ok you are scared. I get scared by sudden noises too, Skelly!

  5. Oh, Skel. It really makes you wonder what his past life was like. Don't worry, fella, you're safe now. And that bandana makes you look like a movie star! Hugs to you, honey! xoxo

  6. I <3 <3 <3 the pink bandana! Clearly, this is a dog secure in his manliness--but still scared of acorns falling! HA! My pit bull is TERRIFIED of fireworks--on the 4th of July I can always be secure in my prediction that I will spend at least an hour huddled in the bathroom trying to calm her down as she shudders in absolute terror! Silly "vicious" pit bulls!


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