Saturday, December 4, 2010

Skelly needs a new trick to learn.. any suggestions?

He's got this "turn around" thing down pat!
At first, there was some confusion because of the similarities in hand gestures to "roll over." He was also having trouble performing the trick at a distance... but not anymore!


  1. From mom Beaglebratz - I know that some owners will not train/ask their dogs to TWIRL OR DANCE ON THEIR HIND LEGS due to health problems the dogs have in their lower spine/hip area - I do it with Shiloh on a limited basis. The only time I specifically ask for it is when we visit or in a contest. Sometimes he just goes into it because he loves performing - he's a ham, especially where treats are involved.

  2. Good job, Skelly!

    Hmmm, maybe teach him to play dead when you pretend to shoot him with your finger?! I have no idea...

  3. If you can teach him to make the bed, I'll hire him at 42 cookies a week!!

  4. Awww Skelly!!!! What a good doggie!!! Er... shake paws/hands???

    Yay for Skelly!! Take care

  5. How about balancing a treat on his nose??

  6. Balancing a treat would be a good one!
    I tried teaching it to him before, but he was not ready.
    self control around the treat is a prerequisite.
    He's working on that now.

    He's already a pro at shaking paws. That was the first trick he learned :)

  7. How about crossing his paws (while lying down / sitting) , my does it from down and its quite cute. (also if he is good at shake its not to hard to do this one). Also what about wave or high five?

  8. I was thinking of a wave. that would be a good one. What is a good command for wave?

    crossing paws is nice too! Keep em coming.

  9. "speak".... or "fetch beer" :)

  10. Maybe "byebye" for wave? hmmm more ideas ... Clean Up ? Bow? Sneeze? Stick out tongue?

  11. Have you try "crawl" yet? He seems to "down" very good, just take the treat at his nose level and pull it away very slowly and as he should move like crawling.

    Have fun!
    Kirby's Mom


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